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Changes 2.0

posted by: God Banfield - 30.11.2023

We are back with new news!

Some new respawns have been added.
In addition, a new Grey Island has been created, through which we can get to Grey Bech, something like global tibia.
There we will meet all the HIVE and the underwater kingdom of DEEPLING!

The missions to get mounts are practically 99% complete!
Askarak and Shaburak Demons are already guarding their chambers in the devilish vaults of Hero Island.

More information coming soon!

Changes 1.0 - NEW ENGINE

posted by: God Banfield - 16.11.2023


It's time to present the changes we have applied so far!
Let's start with the hunting sites:


-Roaring Lions.
-Forest Furry fortress.
-Salamander Cave.
-Stampors Cave.
-Elder Wyrm Cave.
-Mini Drefia (darashia place).
-Ancient Scrab (mini mother lair).
-Salamander Cave.
-Coryms Cave.
-Horentis tomb.
-Grim Reapers desert spawns.
-Golden Servats

And many more !

The main city has been rebuilt.
The swamps and the amazon valley have changed their appearance.
In addition, there were slight changes to the Dragon Lair in the city of Fortera.

An NPC has been introduced to give hints and help in getting mounts.
More information is coming soon!