You can do the addon in the city of Fortera, south of the depot on the second floor of the gate.
Place the necessary items for the addon on the table, they must be in equal amounts - then pull the lever and it's ready!

    Citizen Outfit

    First Citizen Addon

    100 minotaur leathers.

Second Citizen Addon

    100 chicken feathers.
    50 honeycombs.

Hunter Outfit

First Hunter Addon

    100 lizard leathers.
    100 red dragon leathers.

Second Hunter Addon

    1 sniper gloves.

Mage Outfit

First Mage Addon

    50 demon dusts.
    100 red pieces of clothes.

Second Mage Addon

    1 ferumbras hat.

Knight Outfit

First Knight Addon

    100 iron ores.
    50 behemoth claws.

Second Knight Addon

    100 perfect behemoth fangs.
    100 turtle shells.

Nobleman Outfit

First Nobleman Addon

    10 crystal coins.

Second Nobleman Addon

    15 crystal coins.

Summoner Outfit

First Summoner Addon

    10 vampire dusts.
    15 bonelord eyes.

Second Summoner Addon

    80 giant spider silks.
    100 red dragon sclaes.

Warrior Outfit

First Warrior Addon

    100 turtle shell.
    1 dragon claw.

Second Warrior Addon

    100 iron ores.
    40 bat wings.

Barbarian Outfit

First Barbarian Addon

    50 lizard leathers.
    50 behemoth fang.

Second Barbarian Addon

    50 giant spider silks.
    50 green piece of clothes.

Druid Outfit

First Druid Addon

    50 bear paw.
    50 wolf paw.

Second Druid Addon

    100 demon dust.
    60 green pieces of cloth.

Wizard Outfit

First Wizard Addon

    100 heavy bloomsoms.
    80 holy orchids.

Second Wizard Addon

    75 green dragon scales.
    90 holy orchids.

Oriental Outfit

First Oriental Addon

    100 ape fur.
    100 blue piece of cloth.

Second Oriental Addon

    40 fish fin.
    100 behemoth fangs.

Pirate Outfit

First Pirate Addon

    1 ron the ripper's sabre.
    100 hooks.

Second Pirate Addon

    1 brutus bloodbeard's hat.
    100 peg legs.

Assassin Outfit

First Assassin Addon

    100x red piece of cloth.
    70x yellow piece of cloth.

    Second Assassin Addon

      1 nose ring.
      1 behemoth claw.

    Beggar Outfit

    First Beggar Addon

      50 iron ore.
      1 simone the beggar staff.

    Second Beggar Addon

      100 ape fur.

    Shaman Outfit

    First Shaman Addon

      100 chicken feathers.
      1 tribial mask.

    Second Shaman Addon

      50 giant spider silks.
      1 mandrake.

    Norseman Outfit

    First Norseman Addon

      5 shard.
      100 piercing bolts.

    Second Norseman Addon

      1 emerfaus.
      1 crystal coins.

    Nightmare Outfit

    First Nightmare Addon

      1 steel helmet.
      100 talon.

    Second Nightmare Addon

      1 dragon lance.
      1 demon shield.

    Jester Outfit

    First Jester Addon

      1 jester staff.
      40 ape fur.

    Second Jester Addon

      1 jester hat.
      30 yellow pieces of cloth.

    Brotherhood Outfit

    First Brotherhood Addon

      1 heroic axe.
      100 iron ore.

    Second Brotherhood Addon

      100 brown pieces of cloth.
      1 blue robe.

    Demonhunter Outfit

    First Demonhunter Addon

      100 demon dust.
      40 white pieces of cloth.

    Second Demonhunter Addon

      50 demon horn.
      100 green dragon leathers.

    Yalaharian Outfit

    First Yalaharian Addon

      In Service of Yalahar Quest.

    Second Yalaharian Addon

      In Service of Yalahar Quest.

    Warmaster Outfit

    First Warmaster Addon

      75 bat wings.
      50 shiny stones.

    Second Warmaster Addon

      100 orc tusks.
      30 globs of tar.

    Wayfarer Outfit

    First Wayfarer Addon

      50 white pieces of cloth.
      1 soul stone.

    Second Wayfarer Addon

      Wayfarer Quest.

    Second Wayfarer Addon

      50 undead hearts.
      1 ghastly dragon head.