2 kills
Last joined us: Napipletek, player number 306. Welcome and wish you a nice game!
Currently, the best player on the server is: Invoker (Level 208).


posted by: [GOD] Banfield - 26.2.2024

We have decided to introduce our own safeguards against the use of bots.
All those who want to log into the server, I have to download the client, which has been updated on the site!


In addition, some improvements have been made to the game.
One of the most important updates is the change of the spells system.
Added a delay for spells corresponding to the latest Tibi clients.

In addition, the client has been updated with version 13.X items.

Best regards, Admin.


posted by: [GOD] Banfield - 20.2.2024

Today we intoduced first update on version 10.98!
We rolled out the first update to version 10.98 and a few fixes.

-Corrected slight bugs on the map.
-Locked the ability to edit text on boards.
-Corrected nickname length.
-Corrected respawning of bosses.

Now the most important part.
Through the Lost Ship and the water entrance you can get to the sunken city of Deepling and to Hive.
(In time it will be enlarged and some interesting quests will be added).

Two terrans will also be added: Kazordoon Crystal Mines and Infected Mushrooms Arena.
These two places are separate from each other , but they are bound by a common story: the Warzones.

The missions and the course of the warzones, along with the rewards, are set by the world of Neravia (it's not like on global Tibia).
Warzones will be updated on a regular basis until they are fully successful.
More updates will follow immediately after that....

Small Fixes.

posted by: [GOD] Banfield - 16.2.2024

Small improvements have been made:

*Fixed spell "exori gran con"
*Fixed zao stairs on ruins.
*Fixed bookcase temple.
*Fixed green portals information.
*Fixed imbuing price informations.
*Fixed website online counter.

Have a nice game!
The first update is coming soon.

Shortly after the server started....

posted by: [GOD] Banfield - 12.2.2024

Thank you to all the players both old and new who keep showing up on my server!
I hope everyone is enjoying it.

Thank you also, for your support in maintaining the server in the form of Donate.

The server started without any errors (as it did on 8.60).
The chase for TOP1 is still strong.
Let's hope it stays that way for a long time.

Invite your friends, it is you who create the community.
The more of us here, the more interesting the game becomes!

Right after the launch, two small bugs were fixed:
- Arena Senja - NPC modification.
- Palomino - NPC modification.
- Spear breakability - modified.

Thanks also to Kryniu for submitting some screenshots, which will be added to the gallery.
I encourage anyone who has any pictures to send to priv / facebook / discord.
Screens will be posted on the forum and in the gallery.

Dragon Scale Mail Quest with small team.

SERVER START [10/02/2024] - 18:00.

posted by: [GOD] Banfield - 12.1.2024

If you've played global Tibi servers for a long time, you've hit the jackpot by opening this teaser!
The server is in an RPG climate, but with an excellent map and playability that you won't find anywhere else.
If you are bored with RL MAP servers and are looking for something HARD, this is the right place for you!

SERVER START - 10/02/2024 at. 18:00!

Neravia 10.98 is next edition of classic RPG server. It is one of the best RPG servers in the world. You can find here many different quests and missions, starting from easy quest for newcomers, ending on funny and cult quests like PoI, Inqusition, HoTA, and many, many others.

Map probably is known for old players. It have been made from scratch, it's unique. Everything is made in medieval style. You can find many good quests from real tibia (just because they are good) like: Annihilator, Inqusition, Pits of Inferno, Demon Helmet Quest, Ultimate Challenge. Besides this, there is so many missions here, that you will never find on other servers!
We are constantly trying to develop the map and update it to fully support the 10.98 protocol.
Currently, we don't yet have respawns as big as on global tibia, where we have a dozen or so mobs on our chest, but we are slowly updating the respawns.
We always try to add something new here, our team reads players opinion every day - Neravia was, is and will be for players.

The World of Neravia - MAP


Experience rate is staged. It's low, but tested. It gives you fast start, and then it becomes to lower. Players can recieve much experience from making tasks or everyday quests.
Experience rate starts from 8x, and ends on 1.5x.
Overall, map have a multitude of areas for hunting. Let me remind you , we did it from scratch. This is not a stupid compilation of what we find on the forum!
Loot: 1x, with several events and prizes from bosses. It is low simply because the joy of hunting disappears when filling end of the second backpack with magic plate armor after a half-hour demon hunt.

Magic Level - 3x
Skills - 8x

As We wrote above, rates are not so big, but all spells are professionally balanced, so do not worry that you will hit for 30 on 40 magic level.
Weapons and runes are without level limitation!

After last complainement of low level players we also have introduced new frag system:

3 Frags - Red Skull
6 Frags - Black Skull
Protection Level is set to 8, but you have free full bless to level 20.

We decided to introduce the old bless system.
They protect against loss of experience, but not against loss of equipment!
This is intended to revive the use of Amulet of Loss.
We are trying to develop the server so that it is not among the simplest.

We have introduced Daily Chest which you can use every 12 hours.
The chest includes time bonuses such as:
HP%, MP%, EXP Bonus, Loot Bonus, Food with conditions, Donate Coins, Rings.

Imbuing Body System is another system. For certain items, we can increase our fighting ability for 24 hours in such bonuses as:
Mana Leech, Life Leech, Critical Strike, Speed, Skills, Magic Level.

The task system is being developed all the time.
We have more than 20 NPCs who set tasks for us.
One main one, Daniel Steelsoul, gives out hunting tasks.
After completing missions, we get points that turn into ranks - each rank gives us a % bonus to experience.


The mount system is comparable to the global one.
We can tame mounts or get them from designated quests. Information on how to get them will be given to us by NPCs.
The addon system is also unique.
Each addon has its designated items to get it.


Offline Training is introduced, but it is not free.
We can train in the training room. If we want to trance offline, we need to get Donate Coin in the game, or support the server's activities with a donation.


SMS SHOP - There is no such thing!
We only have a small store, where you will not find items that will affect whether you are the best.
Only some outfits and mounts can be found there.
The whole thing is introduced just to help keep the server online!

As mentioned above about the map and quests....
It's not like we only own the big quests.
You will find a huge number of them on our map!

Loot is low, but there are so many quests that when you are squeezed by poverty, you can save yourself by doing quests and then selling items from them, you have funds for further character development!