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We start our adventure in the main city, which is called Fortera.
(Through the upper teleport we go to the training room.)

At level (-2) temple, you can use the daily chest every 12 hours.
(Random bonuses such as exp rate, loot bonus, hp, mana, etc.)


Look at the minimap to find the location.


NPC Halvar waiting in house on Senja.

On the arenas every player has possibility to check their skills in a alone fight with the monsters, which does not occur anywhere else.
Entrance to the arenas is located on Senja island. Available levels:

-Greenhorn - easy level - 1000gp,
-Scrapper - medium level - 5000gp,
-Warlord - hard level - 10000gp.

After beating all enemies you can pick up rewards. Of course all rewards are different for each level and you can get them only once.


NPC Elinga waiting on Hero Island. Can exchange your items.


NPC Zerlak waiting on Goroma. It buys rare items.
NPC Rashid waiting on Goroma.
It has its own tower in Darashii. To get to it you must complete a task at Hassan.

(There is another magical NPC - it appears during an event in the city of Fortera.)