The World of Neravia rules:

Your account can be banned or even deleted if your behaviour would be inappropriate.
Such proceedings includes:


-Names containing vulgar sentences. (ex. Chuj, Fuck, Bitch)
-Nonsense strings. (ex. aklgae)


-Breaking forum rules.
-Spamming. (both in game or in forum)
-Advertising other OTS.
-Aggressive / rasist behaviour, statements or insults. (both in game or in forum)
-Using game channel with intended purpose. (ex. buy/sell offers on Game-Chat)


-Using bugs. (each bug should be reported to Gamemasters)
-Using all kinds of bots for other things than skill training. (full AFK)
-Using more than one account at the same time. (multi-clienting)
-Sharing account.
-Abusing weaknesses of game. (blocking, luring)


-Impersonating Gamemaster.
-Deliberate administration of misleading information, false reporting of rules violation.
-Insulting Gamemaster for his actions or position.
-Incitement Gamemaster to abuse his position.
-Accusing Gamemastera.
-Gamemaster is always right!

5.Player Killing:

Excessive killing of characters who are not marked with a "skull" on worlds which are not PvP-enforced.
Please note that killing marked characters is not a reason for a banishment.

Ignorance of the rules or any of its points does not exempt him from compliance.
By creating account in game you accept the Rules.

The World of Neravia Team reserves the right to change the rules at any time.