Neravia is a one of a kind RPG server.
We have our own unique map that was created to give as much pleasure from the game.
On the server there is island of novices - we can get to the main continent after reaching at least 8 level.
Weapons and runes are available without level restriction.
On our server you won't find any item shop - we prefer an honest game, the only convenience for players who want to support server is a premium account.
Bot is allowed ONLY on Training Dwarves. In the case of full afk, bot detection will result in immediate ban without any references.
On the technical side we are one of the most stable servers (we can boast 1000 hours of uptime) and rich scripts, that enrich the gameplay.
There is very large number of quests to perform - both simple and more complex.
In the main town you can perform the following tasks for killing certain monsters. Performing all tasks is rewarded very good prize.
Often on our server there are different, unusual situations, for example: events, competitions, raids of monsters.
Server map with respawn can be found here: MAP.
We recommend gaining experience in a team (Party + Exp Sharing) - it increases the experience gained.

    IP: neravia.eu (port: 7171)
    Client: 10.98
    Online: 24/7
    World type: PVP (protection level: 8)

    Server Rates:

    Exp Rate: Stages
    1 - 8 = 10x
    9 - 25 = 8x
    26 - 50 = 6x
    51 - 70 = 5x
    71 - 100 = 4x
    101 - 200 = 3x
    201 - 300 = 2x
    301 - MAX = 1.5x

    Magic Level: x3
    Skills: x8
    Loot: x1
    Spawn: x1

    Guilds: 8 level
    PZ Lock: 1 min

    Frag system:

    White Skull Time: 15 min

    Kills to red skull: 3
    Red skull length: 3 days

    Kills to black skull: 6
    Black skull length: 6 days

    Banishment length: 1 days
    Final banishment length: 3 days